Group Events at Drie Kuilen

Environmental Education Camps for scholars

Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve offers education programs that will enhance the current school environmental programs as well as offer leadership courses to assist in the personal growth of learners and youth. Camps can be customised to suite the school/groups requirements and needs. Experienced on site conservation staff will gladly assist where required, by providing specific educational programs such as bird identification, bird ringing, local terrestrial and aquatic ecology, small mammal & camera trapping, conservation management etc. Groups are welcome to hire the facilities and run their own programs and activities.

Photographic Groups

Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve offers a range of photographic opportunities for both individuals and/or groups. With exquisite rock features, beautiful scenery and plenty of game. Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve is the perfect location for both amateur and professional photographers. Drie Kuilen has sufficient facilities and infrastructure to host larger commercial film and photographic productions upon request.

Sports Groups

With 120km internal road network, Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve provides plenty of both easier and more challenging routes for hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers. Visitors on foot and/or by bike are more likely to get closer to the animals, and observe the finer and unique features of the reserve.

Drie Kuilen Nature Reserves large grassed areas are also ideally suited for team building and physical training exercises. There are also a number of dams and a “Karoo style rim flow pool” for rehabilitation.

Team Building

Drie Kuilen Nature Reserves infrastructure and large grassed areas are also ideally suited for team building and physical training activities. Activities could include, but are not limited to; camping, orienteering, hiking, climbing, obstacle courses, game viewing, potijiekos competitions etc.