About Drie Kuilen

Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve is owned by three experienced nature conservators, who have a passion for people and the environment.  Between them, and the Reserve Managers, they have over 65 years of conservation management experience. Their vision for the reserve is three-fold:

  • Provide a site and mentoring for the on-going training of young conservation students needing to complete their final year of training (known as Work Integrated Learning).
  • Offers opportunities for students to undertake scientific research into the unique biodiversity and ecosystems of Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve.
  • Provide opportunities for guests, learners and students, to enjoy and appreciate the unique environment that Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve has on offer.

The owners and managers of Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve, are committed to work collaboratively with students and scientists, to rehabilitating the Reserve to its original state, so as to ensure the biodiversity integrity of the Reserve is maintained. Drie Kuilen Nature Reserves unique features, makes it an important part of South Africa’s heritage, and as such should be protected for future generations.