Our family-friendly reserve focuses on conservation, with all of the activities offered in line with how nature intended. Please respect nature and wildlife on our property.

Scenic & Game Drives

We recommend embarking on a scenic drive with our conservationist and manager Matimba to experience the beauty of the reserve from different angles and spotting some wildlife in its natural habitat. Learn about the historical story of the reserve and of its inhabitants. The drives highlight is Klipstapels, the top of our highest mountain with a spectacular viewpoint. Numerous different types of antelopes can be seen such as gemsbok, bontebok, springbok, eland and more. A sight not to miss is the Cape Mountain Zebra – an animal which once roamed freely in the Western Cape. We are extremely proud to keep our populations sound and steady and help protect some very endangered species. Since conservation is our highest goal, we do not interact with or disturb wild animals.

Walking/Hiking trails

Our 4300 ha of vast country provide plenty of stuff to discover. We have several different walking and hiking trails with a little something for everybody. The Reserve has different peaks to climb and long valleys to walk, enjoy untouched nature and stunning views. Discover our special spots such as natural rock pools, rock formations and some remote picnic areas that we marked on our trail map on site. Or simply walk to our big dam and watch the otter!

Mountain Biking

Experienced and the not so experienced mountain bikers can be spoiled with sightings of game and amazing views of the Koo Valley towards Montague or towards Anysberg and Touws River. Cyclist are free to explore the whole reserve on exclusive cycle trails. On our trail map you can find our validated routes.

Day Visitors and Guests

Should you be visiting us in a 4×4 vehicle, we have the option of letting you embark on a self-drive safari – where you can encounter vast landscapes, scenic beauty and wildlife on your own time, without the use of a guide and in your own vehicle. Guests can also visit the freshwater rock pools, where having a refreshing swim in them is the perfect way to start the day. Please note that we do charge a small gate fee for day visitors to support conservation on the ground.

Picnic & Braai

You have the opportunity to do a picnic or braai on a few places on the reserve – on top of the mountain or in a historic valley for example. Enjoy lunch with a view and explore the reserve! We offer fire wood and essentials for you if needed.

Please note that we are a Nature Reserve. Making fire is only allowed on such provided spots, please always be very careful with fire. Do not leave your trash, littering is forbidden on all reserve.

Swim & Relax

We have a reservoir that is held naturally with a few plants and small animals. Anyways it provides a great refreshment on a hot day. Our sun deck will be finished soon so that you can relax on loungers at the pool and enjoy the sun.

Eland house is the first unit with an outdoor hot tub! If you book Eland house you can enjoy your evening glass in hot water with mountain views. Please give us a feedback since we consider upgrading more units with a tub.

Our natural rock pools lay 15-20min drive from the yard. Pack up some snacks and take a dip in the fresh mountain waters. This place is well protected from wind and makes a perfect spot for some relaxing hours with family and friends.

Activities for little Guests

We have a Jungle Gym and trampolines in the yard that will make your kids happy! We hope to encourage families to spend some time in nature, show your children the beauty of nature and educate about our wildlife and how important it is to conserve our planets nature.

Don’t hesitate to ask us, we can arrange a family friendly scenic drive that doesn’t get too long or bumpy and show you around some special places.


We are currently preparing a campsite on our reserve to offer you a spot in the shade with ablution facility! The campsite will be located nearby the yard where there’s trees and a dam with water. We plan to finish it towards end of 2022.

Anyways, it is possible to go camping on the mountain if you wish. Please contact us for that.

Rock Formations

Over millennia the landscape on the reserve has been moulded by varying weather patterns and rock formations here come in interesting shapes and sizes, with a notable formations being the Face, Castle, Parrot, Turtle and Monkeys.

Stone Ruins

A trip to the stone ruins can be taken, where one can view the remains of what was once one of the first homesteads in the area. This fascinating sight is a reminder of how remote the location is.


The reserve is home to a variety of birds which are delightful to watch and identify. Red-knobbed coots and other aquatic birds reside on the dam too.

Rock art

A fascinating aspect of Drie Kuilen is the rock art that is present here. Three sites have been discovered thus far. Please enquire about the availability of this activity as floods have recently washed away part of the route which is used to access the rock art site. Due to the sensitivity of the site, all groups need to be accompanied to view the rock art.